The Yakima Valley Pet Rescue completely relies on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. Learn how you can donate to support YVPR.


The Yakima Valley Pet Rescue accepts donations on behalf of lost loved ones, people or pets. If you would like to make a donation in remembrance of your special person or pet, please visit our Donate page for more information.

In Remembrance (PEOPLE)

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  • In memory of Ted Brulotte a donation was made by Rudy and Henrietta Gasparac.
  • In memory of Patrick Ridley a donation was made by the Mangen Family Charitable Foundation.
  • In memory of Emma Jane Kuma a donation was made by her daughter, Kathy DeGrood. Emma was 100 years young at her passing. 
  • In memory of JoAnn Johnston a donation was made by Mary Jo and Alan Bassani.
  • In memory of Heather Slinger many donation were made in her honor. Heather loved animals and had a heart of gold. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her. 
  • In memory of Diane Trainer donations were made on her behalf from the following people:  Jim and Nanci Campbell, Teresa and James Trainer, Jerry and Kay Aucutt, Stephen and Kathleen Wilmes, Kevin and Suzanne Rabbitt and Robert and Mora Olsen. 
  • In memory of Rex Hoffneuter a donation was made by Gary and Barbara Morford and Aspen Village Homeowners Association.
  • In memory of Nancy Youmans a donation was made by Margot Barker.
  • In loving memory of Barbara Hatch a donation was made by her sister, Janice Whitefoot. 
  • In loving memory of Nancy Bostdorff donations were made by Judy Frank and Teri Hembree. Nancy brightened the lives of all those she touched, both two and four legged. Her love and devotion for animals was immeasurable. Nancy made such a difference in this world and was an incredible human being. She will be missed greatly.
  • In memory of Don Crook and in honor of Shirley Crook a donation was made by Patti Kyle.
  • In memory of Bev Adams a donation was made by Sherry Schnebly. Bev’s love for all animals was boundless. She will be missed by all that knew her. 
  • In memory of David Andrew Chan (Andy) donations were made in his honor. Andy followed his love for animals and worked as a dog groomer for many years.
  • In Remembrance of Grove Becker, our nephew, a donation was made.. He was a loving and caring young man and loved his two dogs, Flip and RJ. Love you, Grove ~ Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mike Wilson.
  • Donations were made in memory of Tom Dresden.
  • In Loving Memory of Sean Casey a donation was made in his honor by the Thomas Family.
  • In Memory of Susie Mitchell. Susie was a wonderful person that supported the efforts of Yakima Valley Pet Rescue.  Her generous donation after her passing will help YVPR’s efforts to save homeless and neglected dogs and cats from around the Yakima Valley.
  • In Memory of Jean Withers a donation was made by Vinnie Smith.
  • In Memory of  Deanna Raney, donation was mad by Dana Marie Durante, Haddonfield, NJ.
  • In Memory of Bill Patnode, many donations were made in his name.
    In Memory of Ann M. Day, a donation was made by Nancy Krueger.
    In Memory of  Mary Teresa Kloster, many donations were made in her name.
    In Memory of Elly Patnode,many donations were made by friends, family and animal lovers.
    In Memory of Mary T. Lange of Wapato; a life long animal lover, a donation was made by Janice Errick.
  • In Memory of Ryleigh Thwing, a donation was made by Kristi Dunkle.
  • In Memory of Grant McDonald, who passed away after a lifetime of illness at age 24, a donation was made by Cindy McConnell. He and his family loved all animals.
  • In Memory of Sharon Nyreen, a lover of dogs and cats and rescued countless pets during her lifetime. Donations were made by; Sheri Richardson, Deanna and Gordy Wildes, “Mike” and Marvin Jefferson, Cheri Webert and Marti Canatsey, Christine Kratz, Lynndale Elementary, Peggy Hohnhaus, Sean Cleary, Rhonda and Bob Penrod, Donald and Laura Crews, Beth Holmes, Becky Strohm, Lois Scofield, Bruce and Janice Thompson, Gilliam Family, Bill and Chris Witzke, Dennis and Sandra McMahon, Carlo and Anne Paoliello, Roger and Vickie Neupert, Sharon’s Coworkers at Central Washington Mental Health
  • In Memory of Sammy Seale, a donation was made by Thomas and Marilyn Hooper
  • In Memory of Mona Allwardt, a donation was made by Paul Gamche, Ted and Gladys Hendrickson, William and Laura Henley, Charles and Carol Smiley, Jack and Clara Broten
  • In Memory of Janice Lyons, a donation was made to YVPR by Debbie Drollinger.
  • In Memory of Al Rippee, donated by Erin and Wayne Wilkinson
  • In Memory of Jean Hogan, donated by Sharon Carneviali and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Menke
  • In Memory of Tom Forde, from Sabra Whitley
  • In Memory of Joan Sharpe, from Marcia Hollinger
  • In Memory of Marilyn Peterson whom loved cats, donated by Annette Henry
  • In Memory of Robin Hall, donated by Anthony and Nan Nenke
  • In Memory of Esther Ehler, donated by Elaine May Smith
  • In Memory of Evertt Dolliver, donated by Jack Northcott
  • In Memory of Bruce Buchanan, donated by Jack Northcott
  • In Memory of Daryel Charles “Pete” Zutter, donated by Mavis B. Wilson
  • In Memory of Dan Thomas Own, donated by Elenor Grilliam
  • In Memory of Gregg Johnson, donated by Direct T.V.
  • In memory of Lana VanBuskirk, a strong advocate for pets in need of rescue and care. Donations were made by; Les and Gwen Sorenson; V. Allan and Lana Simond; Meredith Furniture; Amanda Wooly; Derwyn and Ann Christiansen; Daniel and Virginia Martinez; Et(Ned)and Stephanie Walsh; Brent and Michelle Hudson, Yakima Valley Tech Staff; Lora and Mark Congleton.
  • Please accept my donation in the memory of my Dear Sister-in-law Sammy Searle who died Dec 5th in Yakima. Sammy is survived by her loving husband SW Searle and her Daughter Jackie Mastel of Yakima and her sweet cat Gabby. Sammy loved cats! And she thought very highly of Yakima Valley Pet Rescue. Sammy adopted Gabby, 2 years ago at Christmas time.  Gabby had been purposely abandoned in a motel room.  Lots better than out in the cold, anyhow.  Sammy and SW named the beautiful cat Gabby as the cat talks(meows) a good deal…she thinks she is a “people”. Keep up the good work Yakima Valley Pet Rescue Sincerely yours, Marilyn M. Hopper, Portland OR

In Memorial (PETS)

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A donation was made in the memory of Snoopy Bernhard. Snoopy lived a fabulous life (almost made it to 14!) Thank you for all you do, Allison Kollack.

In celebration of Ollie. Your charm and support through the years helped make the world a better place for humans and so many other kittens, and your goodness continues on exponentially

Donation made in memory of Lexi, Quin Dolan’s beloved companion who spent almost 16 years by his side from Dana Dwinell  
Donation made in memory of Shane, precious companion of Lisa Decio Snyder from Dana Dwinell  
Donation made in memory of Wesley from the Gilmore Family  
Donation made in memory of Buddy from Debra Martin  
Donation made in memory of Lucky aka Pookie from Kimberly Agostino  
Donation made in memory of Chevy and Blue from The Orozeo family  
Donation in Memory of Missy from Jolene Janke. She adopted Missy on 5/5/2005. Missy was a year old She went over the Rainbow Bridge 2015. “Help another dog for here! Love and miss you Missy!”  
Donation made in Memory of Buster from Janet Castilleja.  
Andy, Mikal, Carter, Grace and Jake made a memorial donation in memory of Mickey.  
David Fuller made a memorial donation for Michael and Lisa Hailfiner beloved dog Roush.  
Gerald Bartlett made a donation when he adopted Nova from Yakima Valley Pet Rescue and a second donation in memory of his beloved little dog “Gizzy”.  
 Braden with Narrative Design, LLC made a donation in memory of Nephi, a wonderful dog who brought so much joy and companionship to his sister Christian and her daughter Erin.  
A donation was made in loving memory of Sam and Kuehler; and the ones we currently love: Maizey, Haley, Lucy and Max. From Nancy Bostdorff  
With love to the Bailey family who lost their dog Maggie. From the Collins family.  
Lisa donated in remembrance of her brother’s beloved dog Brandy.  
With love to Candie and Jim Turner who lost their cat Sally.  
With love to Mark and Heidi for their “Steve” Zizzou.  
With love to the James Family for their Digby.  
With love to Bryn and Michael for their Coltrane.  
To Katie, Catherine’s beloved forever friend for 14 years!  
Barbara Thompson, friend, foster mom and Mickey’s forever mom.