To assist you with your adoption and pet care needs we have provided a list of various resources.  We always do our best to help you with your adoption and pet care questions, but unfortunately there is often more need than we have volunteers to help, so if you have not been able to get adequate assistance from us in placing a pet in your care, please feel free to contact another rescue in our area.  We cannot guarantee this list is always up to date, so if you see a needed change or addition, please contact us.

We cannot assist with wild animal issues. There is more information below regarding assistance with wildlife situations.

Also, if you have any cat or dog specific questions, please send them to: or

Thank You!

Please visit our Surrender/Lost/Found Pet page for important information regarding the surrender of a pet or what to do in the event you lose or find a pet. 

Local Pet Rescues and Shelters

Yakima HumaneSociety
2405 W Birchfield Road
Yakima, WA  98901
(509) 457-6854

Barks R Us Rescue


Wags To Riches 
(509) 453-4155


All Mutts Great and Small
(509) 469-2754

Other Washington Rescues / Shelters (Western WA)

Lil’ Waif Puppy Rescue
Bothell, WA


Homeward Pet
Woodinville, WA


Lynwood, WA


Puget Sound Rescue
South King County

Seattle Humane Society
Bellevue, WA

Veterinarian Care

These local veterinary service providers have been long time supporters of YVPR.

Yakima Humane Society Spay and Neuter Clinic
106 S 6th Avenue
Yakima, WA  98902
(509) 426-2460


Selah Veterinary Hospital
151 McGonagle Road
Selah, WA  98942
(509) 697-6111


Yakima Pet Emergency Service
510 W Chestnut
Yakima, WA  98902
(509) 452-4138


Yakima Valley Veterinary Clinic
1213 S 40th Avenue
Yakima, WA  98902
(509) 453-7161

Helpful Links for Pets

Fear Of Sounds
Fear of Thunderstorms and Noise Phobias

K9 Aggression
Dog Obedience Advice


General Help With Fear and Anxiety
Fearful Dogs
Curing Your Fearful or Frightened Dog
Dog Behavior: Fear and Separation Anxiety


Pet Education
Declawing: What you need to know


Dangerous or Abused Animals

If you experience a dangerous situation with an animal (for example a loose dog with signs of aggression or signs of disease like rabies), please do not call YVPR.  If the situation is of significant and immediate danger, dial 911, otherwise contact one of the following resources.  These resources can also assist you if you feel a pet is in an abusive or neglectful situation.


Yakima Humane Society
Provides animal control services in the city of Yakima and other communities in Yakima County. Additional animal control information is available on their website.
Yakima Humane Society

City of Yakima / Yakima County
If you live in the city limits of Yakima or in the rural areas of Yakima County you can leave a message regarding the situation at the following numbers:
* City of Yakima Animal Control – (509) 575-6038
* Yakima County Animal Control – (509) 574-2420

If the animal situation is an emergency, you may contact the appropriate number below to dispatch an Animal Control Officer.
* Yakima Police Department – (509) 575-6200
* Yakima County Sheriff’s Department – (509) 574-2500


Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Yakima Valley Pet Rescue & Adoption Center cannot help with the rescue of, or accept, injured or nuisance wild animals (e.g., songbirds, raptors, raccoons, bears, squirrels, beaver, etc.).  Please do not attempt to rescue or rehabilitate an injured or nuisance wild animal yourself. Contact one of the following resources for assistance.


Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife – Yakima
WDFW provides information resources to protect, restore and enhance Washington’s fish and wildlife.  They can provide assistance with dangerous or nuisance wild animals.
(509) 575-2740
WDFW, South Central, Region 3 Office (Yakima)

Blue Mountain Wildlife
Pendleton, OR
(541) 278-0215

PAWS Wildlife Center
Lynwood, WA
(425) 412-4040