Surrender and Lost/Found Pets

Please refer to this page if you are in the following situations:

  • You have a pet that you can no longer keep and that needs a new home.
  • You have found a pet and you do not know who it belongs to, or suspect it was abandoned.

If after reading this page, you have additional questions, please leave a message at: (509) 248-3113.

 If You Wish To Surrender Your Pet To YVPR

There are many reasons a person or family decides they can no longer care for a pet.  We encourage all pet owners to explore all other options before surrendering your pet.  Please refer to these following sources for information on how to deal with common reasons people often feel they need to give up their pet.

If your pet is exhibiting behavioral problems, a trip to the vet may be a good next step.  Often health issues can lead to behavioral ones. If after exploring these alternatives, you still feel you can no longer keep your pet, please carefully read and follow these directions.  They also apply if you are looking for a home for a pet you have found (please read “If You Have Found A Pet” below).



1) Pet Assessment
The first step in getting assistance from YVPR in finding a new home for your pet is to make an appointment to have your dog or cat assessed by a YVPR volunteer. Our office hours are Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  To make an appointment call (509) 248-3113 to leave a message.  We will get back to you shortly.

2) Releasing Your Pet

Please keep in mind that YVPR is an all volunteer organization and that we do not have an animal shelter. We rely on a network of foster homes who care for our pets until they are adopted. Finding a foster home for your pet can take a little time. You may have to take your pet home after the assessment. We will try our best to find a foster home immediately, but unfortunately we have far fewer foster homes than pets that need them, and you may have to wait until a foster home is available, until your pet is adopted, or until we can transport your pet to one of our wonderful partner shelters. When it comes time to physically release your pet to YVPR, you will be required to sign a Release Agreement.

3) Do Not Drop Off Your Pet!

We must make you aware that it is illegal to dump your pet on YVPR property.  Please do not do so. We cannot accept a pet unless you follow the procedures above step by step.  We must also make you aware that we will not provide assistance in any way if you threaten harm to your pet or to us.  In those cases, we will inform the proper authorities.

4) Litters – Kittens & Puppies

YVPR will accept litters of puppies or kittens.  If you are bringing us a litter of puppies or kittens from a pet that you own, we strongly recommend that you have the mother spayed.  We can assist with reduced cost spay and neuter.

Before we can accept puppies and kittens, they must be free of illness before they can be placed for adoption.  If they have weepy eyes or patches of missing hair, they must get medical treatment before they can be assessed.  We can help refer you to a veterinarian to get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

If You Have Found A Pet

You must call Yakima Humane Society and submit a found animal report.

Post on Facebook:  Sharing and Caring Lost and Found Pets Yakima, Yakima Valley Lost & Found Pets.  

Post a free ad in Yakima Herald. 

Post on Craig’s List.


If this pet is in your care but you cannot keep the pet, call us at (509) 248-3113 and leave a message.  Someone will return    your call and set an appointment for you to bring the pet in for adoption/foster/transport assessment.


If this pet is wandering and you cannot safely get the pet into your care, please contact  Animal Control.  

  • City of Yakima Animal Control – (509) 575-6038
  • Yakima County Animal Control – (509) 574-2420

Feral Cats (aka Barn Cats)

If you have unfixed feral cats on your property, please contact the following resources for assistance.

Yakima Humane Society Spay & Neuter Clinic (509) 426-2460

TNR Program


If you have witnessed a case of what you believe to be animal abuse or neglect, please refer to the “Dangerous or Abused Animals” section of our Resources page.  

 If You Have Lost A Pet

If you have lost a pet, please utilize these local, online and social media resources for advertising or looking for your lost pet.


Sharing & Caring Lost & Found Pets Yakima County

Yakima Valley Lost and Found Pets

Other resources:

Your Local Vet

Your Local Newspapers

Make sure to post photos of your pet in your neighborhood, where they were last seen, and at public places close to your home.  YVPR wants to see your pet back in your home.